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We believe in providing easily available resources for the community, including the clients we work with and the therapists wanting to continue in their educational journey.

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Fate Resilience is a therapy podcast by licensed therapists for anyone looking to improve their life. 

This podcast was created by two of our therapists and one of their friends. 


The basics of mental health that applies to us as Millennials!

This podcast was created by Hailey Maire, a therapist at Xenia Counseling. 

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Read more about mental health and research!

Working with Clergy/Religious Resources

We understand that often our clients receive the funding for therapy through their religious congregation.

We also understand that often clergy in the area are looking for helpful resources to send their congregants to. We want to provide as much information as we can to help in all these scenarios the individuals feel they have access to whatever resources they need. 

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