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In this podcast I work to be able to outline the basics of mental health that applies to us as Millenials! This includes what we are going through, challenges we face and also benefits we have for being where we are at when we are at! Listen in and let me know your feedback!

IYKYKtherapy Xenia Counseling Orem Utah Hailey Maire
01. Intro!
IYKYKtherapy Xenia Counseling Orem Utah Hailey Maire
02. TikTok Taught Me How To Diagnose My Ex
IYKYKtherapy Xenia Counseling Orem Utah Hailey Maire
03. I'll be happy when...

Well let's start out getting to know one another! Feeling like we didn't get very well prepared for this whole Well-Balanced adult thing? There are some legit reasons we have a lot going on! I'm your host Hailey Maire and in this episode just wanted to start with introducing myself and why it is I'm getting more into this topic!

Have you been seeing the trend lately on social media about the "5 simple steps to diagnose your ex/best friend/past babysitter/ the teacher in your middle school you hated with ........"? Let's talk about that mentality and how to go about a healthier way to get our questions answered. hint: it's probably through a professional

If you've ever felt "I'll be happier when...." you get your degree, you get married, you lose those lbs you earned, you get your dream job... then this is an episode for you! There's a balance to everything, and in Anticipated Happiness that's no exception.

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