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Children and Teen Therapy Xenia Counseling Orem Utah

Children and Teen Therapy

We understand that finding a therapist for your Child or Teen can be a struggle, and we work to be able to be that additional resource you need.

Some of the issues our therapists can help your Child or Teen work through are:

  • High Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Academic Issues

  • Suicidality/Self-Harm Behaviors

  • Relational Issues with Family

  • Impulsive Decisions

  • Substance Use

  • Understanding Healthy Sexuality

  • Abrupt Mood Swings

  • Motivation Difficulties

Child walking through the forest

Individual Support

We work with our younger clients to give them the Individual Support they need. Our therapists are able to meet with clients consistently and provide a safe space they can work through whatever may be going on in school, friends, or home life. 

Some of the Individual Support may look like

  • Play Therapy


  • Neurofeedback

Parent Support

We understand being a parent is hard! Our therapists work with you to help you feel confident that you know how to set clear boundaries and communicate your needs in a healthy way. Studies have shown when a child is having issues it actually is MORE beneficial to have the parent receive therapy, and we like to make sure we support your role. 

Parent  Support may look like

  • Meeting with your child's therapists for some one-one-one work

  • Identifying parenting styles and how to communicate needs

  • Identifying any additional supports you and your child may need

Family Support

No matter how your family is made up we want to support you. Often when we are dealing with children/teens we realize that it would be beneficial to have more support for the family as a whole. These types of resources are beneficial to guide the family in their common goals, and support one another. 

Family Support may look like

  • Meeting with the therapists working with your family and discussing what needs should be addressed

  • Meeting as a family to identify common goals and ways that you can process those together

  • Identifying tasks to accomplish in and outside of the therapy office to help strengthen relationships and help with establishing trust. 

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