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Resident Therapy Dog

Maggie Therapy Dog Xenia Counseling
"Maggie is one of the sweetest creatures in all the world"

Maggie has put a LOT of work into becoming a Therapy Dog with Xenia Counseling. She has been able to complete obedience training through reputable places in the community, as well as do her Therapy Dog training one on one. 

Maggie offers her skills of being able to be present for the clients when large emotions come up by bringing her calming presence to them. She loves being able to sit with the client and help offer a great grounding moment for them. 

Maggie lives with Hailey, who is her owner/trainer. She loves belly rubs, playing ball, and peanut butter.  She has also recently enjoyed having a little sister, Olive the Sheepadoodle (Coming to the office in training2024). 

Maggie Therapy Dog with Hailey Maire, LCSW owner

Info- Sheepadoodle


Deep pressure

Holding hands

Trained in:

Obedience classes Freshmen-Junior, Individual Therapy Dog Training

Currently seeing:

Hailey's Clients

Maggie Therapy Dog with Hailey Maire, LCSW Owner
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