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Types of Therapies

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Girl in Therapy

Individual Therapy

We provide therapy for the Individual. Our goal is to help our clients prepare for things to come, be there for things that are here, and cope through things that have happened. Our therapists are trained to help the individual in the way that is most beneficial for the things they are working with, and with a variety of methods. 

Family Portrait


Working with couples and families can sometime feel overwhelming for our clients and we work to help make that process as easy as possible. Our team know how to assess what would be the most helpful. 



We have loved being able to include Neurofeedback in our modalities to better help those we work with. 

Click the icon for more information and for additional resources for when Neurofeedback would be helpful to add to your treatment. 

Our team is currently putting together groups!


 We would LOVE to hear what groups you are interested in seeing offered.


Feel free to fill out the form below to send us your feedback, and we will let you know when your group is being offered!

We offer In-Person as well as Telehealth options.

Contact us with any questions about availability.

The People We Work With

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Child playing in garden


We love helping our younger clients learn to have healthy behaviors and help them in communicating their needs. 

Group of teenagers hiking in the forest


We understand teenage years can be hard. We try to support our teen clients with healthy coping skills, education on good mental health, and help to have healthy connections with

Group of adults walking through a field


As adults we try to have everything together in our lives, we often feel we have to do everything right. We love to support you in the process to regulate and learn more about how you can feel more balanced.

Modalities We Use

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Child using neurofeedback


Neurofeedback is an excellent therapy to be used for all ages. 


Man talking to therapist


ART & EMDR are two brain-science based therapies that help you process through things in a way that your brain naturally does

Child playing with legos

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a type of therapy based on the first way we learn to communicate: play. We use this with our children, teen and even adult clients!

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