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Clergy/Religious Resources

We want to make information easily accessible whether you are a religious leader, or a member of a congregation trying to look for resources for you and your family.

Please reach out to us with any additional questions. 

Religious Building or chapel

Bishop Pay/3rd Party Pay through religious organizations

We understand a number of our clients receive their funding through their LDS Bishop or other religious funding. We want to outline what that process looks like and inform you of the policies that go along with that. 

The People We Work With

Young child playing in the garden


Teenage friends hiking together in the forest


Young adult friends walking through a field


Learn more about the people we work with and the therapies we use!

Learn more about Our Story
and what we stand for

Nature Eucalyptus Branch

Firesides/Speaking Events

Our therapists have been able to be involved in a number of speaking events through different religious organizations. We love to educate our community on being more aware of mental health. Using Spirituality as a part of a Holistic approach has been a  positive opportunity to help.


Click below to get in contact with us about opportunities to speak to your congregation.

Hailey and Taylor Mormon Fireside on Mental Health Flyer
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