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Neurofeedback brain Xenia Counseling Therapy Orem Utah

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a process that allows a person to teach themselves how to better regulate and create new/improved patterns for better brain function.

How does Neurofeedback work?

Neurons are in charge of communicating info by sending signals between the body and the brain. When the brain receives the same signals over and over again, a person starts to develop a pattern of behavior. For some people, this can create issues because the brain is being taught to respond in unhelpful ways.

Neurofeedback uses a positive rewards system to help the brain learn healthier responses.

The Set Up

Clinician monitoring client during neurofeedback appointment

Clinician monitoring client during Neurofeedback appointment

During the Neurofeedback appointment you have the opportunity to sit in a comfortable chair with electrode sensors on your scalp. These are only to read electrical signals and transmit them to the computer, they do not send signals.

Depending on the treatment you will watch images (movie or tv show) on a screen. As you engage the clinician monitors the brainwaves and uses the software to help map patterns.


When your brain produces positive patterns the screen gets brighter and you'll notice different sounds. When your brainwaves are less favorable the screen will dim. As your brain learns to develop and sustain helpful brainwaves the screen will stay more consistent and you will notice healthier thoughts and behaviors.

The Program

We use the computer program Cygnet. It

  • works with various symptoms.

  • uses 2 types: Infra-low Frequency (ILF) Neurofeedback and Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback.

  • ILF is the basic neurofeedback that helps everyone.

  • Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback is used to help with bigger traumas.

Cygnet Neurofeedback kit Xenia Counseling Orem Utah

Trauma often causes the brain to be in a fight, flight, or freeze state, which is an unhealthy state to be living in long-term. Neurofeedback helps in getting the brain out of this “stuck” pattern of functioning into more regulated healthier ones.

The Training

We at Xenia Counseling do neurofeedback with professionally trained clinicians. We consistently train our therapists to ensure clients get the best care.

The Results

Neurofeedback is not a cure, and may not work for everyone. It is a process that takes time, but has numerous positive results.

Those include:

  • more ability to regulate emotion

  • feeling more balanced

  • less hyper-vigilant

  • less reactive

  • over-all feeling more calm

Clinician showing clients results from neurofeedback

Clinician showing clients results from Neurofeedback

How long do I need to do Neurofeedback?

Just as physical therapy needs to be kept consistent in the beginning to help in recovery, neurofeedback will also need consistency to help the brain in it's recovery.


Neurofeedback does not need to be life-long, but in order for the brain to learn how to live in a more regulated way it needs time to adjust to the healthier functioning.


If a client was to end treatment after only a few session this would likely make it very difficult for the brain to retain what it had learned and it will have a higher chance of returning to previous behaviors.


Professionals recommend to have 20 sessions before discontinuing. During that the clinician will decrease the frequency of visits, which will help the brain to develop endurance and better retain what it has learned. Clients can then come in occasionally for maintenance session as needed.

Issues that Neurofeedback can help with:



-Mood Instability



-Attachment Issues



-Hyper Vigilance

-Restless Sleep


-Racing Thoughts

-Muscle Tension


and much more!

Children doing Neurofeedback Orem UT Xenia Counseling

Clients who have participated in 5+ sessions have reported increased regulation and a decrease in negative symptoms.

Neurofeedback Bundle Pricing

We try to provide Neurofeedback for affordable pricing. See our bundle pricing below. 

1 60 min Neurofeedback Session-                 $150

2 60 min Neurofeedback Sessions-  $300 $275

3 60 min Neurofeedback Sessions-   $450 $400

4 60 min Neurofeedback Sessions-   $600 $525

5 60 min Neurofeedback Sessions-   $750 $600 (free session!)

*Please note: We ask for you to schedule your sessions in your bundle and do not wait to use sporadically.

We value consistency in this process and want you to see the results you are looking for. 

Meet the therapists who use Neurofeedback!

Eddie Shin Neurofeedback

"In the number of years that I’ve done neurofeedback with various clients, I’ve seen countless tremendous positive outcomes! I love that it’s a direct way of showing the brain its activity and guiding it to train itself to have healthier ways of working and regulating. "

-Eddie Shin, LMFT, Neurofeedback Technician

"In Neurofeedback there is this great benefit that a client does not need to be motivated to change, but the therapy still works. Almost every other kind of therapy there needs to be a motivation, there needs to be homework and in Neuro you have a passive way to still see change."

-Taylor Madsen, LMFT-S

Taylor Madsen Neurofeedback Xenia Counseling Orem
Hailey Maire Neurofeedback

"Neurofeedback has become one of the best tools to use with my clients. The way it helps them regulate and see how their brain can learn to become stronger and more aware of ways it can do better has been such a great thing to offer to people. I love how it shows them that we are built to succeed and our bodies know just what to do to help us be the best we can be!"

-Hailey Maire, LCSW

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