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Groups & Workshops

We pride ourselves in our extensive group experience. We strive to provide safe and educational experience for our groups. 

In our effort to educate on specific topics we will also be offering 8 week workshops on a variety of topics that will be done in a live session, and later be available for personal purchase. 

Men walking in the forest in the fall
Two women walking on the beach

Sexual Addiction/OCSB Group (Men)

This weekly group is centered on supporting a Recovery lifestyle for those with Sexual Addition/OCSB (Out of Control Sexual Behaviors) .

*We understand many women also would find applicable for themselves and ask you to contact us so we can begin the process of putting together a group for Women in this category as well. 

Betrayal Trauma Group (Women)

This weekly group is designed to help support women going through Betrayal Trauma, often associated with spouses going through Sexual Addiction/OCSB. The route through Betrayal Trauma is one of healing and we believe in making sure those partners have their own healing focused on as well. 

*Again, we understand men also work through Betrayal Trauma and we ask those interested in a group for Men in Betrayal Trauma to contact us so we can organize that as well!

Person Holding Stone

"Building Boundaries" workshop with Taylor Madsen, LMFT

In this 8 week course Taylor will teach how to Recognize, Set and Hold Boundaries in a healthy holistic way. 

Price: $200/month ($400 total)

Starting Date: Set to start beginning of April

Woman on mountain sunrise

"Wholehearted Living: Not a one time choice" workshop with Hailey Maire, LCSW

In this 8 week course Hailey will review the 10 Guideposts to Wholehearted Living (as outlined in Brene Brown's Book The Gifts of Imperfection) to help discover ways to show those in day-to-day life.

Price: $200/month ($400 total)

Starting Date: Set to start beginning of June

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