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What is teletherapy? How can I find teletherapy near me?

Why Teletherapy May Be Right For You

Teletherapy is just therapy over video call. Over recent years as technology has progressed more people have started to consider the option of teletherapy rather than going to an office to have therapy in person. There are benefits and drawbacks to using teletherapy as opposed to in-person therapy so it is important to choose the option that will help you the most.

The Benefits of Teletherapy

One of the best things about teletherapy is how it can help people who have chronic illnesses or are immunocompromised. Many people who are sick with chronic illness struggle to leave home and teletherapy options can be very great for them since they can get all of the benefits of therapy without leaving their home. Others who are immunocompromised can go to therapy without worrying about the potential risks of getting sick from someone when they go out.

Another great thing about teletherapy is the privacy it allows for the people who use it. Some people feel shame or discomfort when thinking about going to therapy. They don’t necessarily want anyone to know that they are going to therapy. Teletherapy makes it easier for them since only they and their therapist will know.

For people who are very busy, teletherapy can be a viable option as well. Some people who have kids or high demanding jobs can find it hard to find any free time and they may not have the time to drive to an office when they do get that time. Having a teletherapy appointment from home can make it much easier for them to fit therapy into their schedule.

People who live in rural areas may also benefit from teletherapy since there may not be any therapists near them. The same goes for people who may not own a car or have a reliable form of transport to and from a therapist's office near them.

The Drawbacks

Having a teletherapy appointment at home can make it very hard to focus. If there is too much going on around you then you may get easily distracted. Pets, children, and chores can all be very distracting and make it hard to really focus on the therapy. You can only get as much out of therapy as you put into it and so giving it all of your attention is crucial for finding the results you want.

Talking to someone through a video call is not the same as talking to someone face to face and so for some people it can be much more difficult to establish a connection and trust with their therapist. Having a connection and trust with a therapist is very important because you need to feel open to talking about everything with your therapist and if you can’t then you may not see the results you hope for. Therapists are not mind readers, you need to be able to tell them exactly what is going on with you or they will not be particularly helpful.

How Do I Find Teletherapy Near Me?

There are a few good options for finding teletherapy options near you. A google search for therapy offices near you can help you to narrow down the options. There are also a few good websites such as psychology today that can help connect you with the right therapist. Of course our office Xenia Counseling in Orem Utah also offers teletherapy for people in many states.

If you feel like teletherapy may be the best option for you then consider scheduling an appointment with one of our therapists at Xenia. They are friendly and eager to help you and can get you started quickly. Your mental health matters, start learning how to improve it today.

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